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Advanced Internet Use

Autonetics Division of North American Aviation, Inc., however, has announced a new microminiaturized computer in late stages of development. This unit appears to have a computing capacity almost as great as that we have proposed in 72 cu ft, but in a package of about 0.3 cu ft--and, at a comparable cost. In retrospect, the designs described in ODC-VII and -VIII are now somewhat out of date, in light of the microminiature developments of the past year.

- Paul Baran, On Distributed Communications, Volume I, 1964.

The section on Internet use provides information about essential features of the main Internet applications, and each section on advanced use provides information about more complex features of the application. This section provides information on advanced use of the underlying Internet itself.

An understanding of advanced Internet use can enhance your ability to contextualize the Internet, and therefore get the most from it. If you read this entire section, you can fairly call yourself an Internet expert. Unfortunately, there are no tests. The following subsections provide more information.


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