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Majordomo is modularly constructed, and interfaces with standard email utilities.

Majordomo was developed on Unix in the Perl computer programming language for Unix computers. Because the Perl language is compact, feature rich, and flexible, majordomo software is easily customizable. There are earlier versions ported to other operating systems, but they are not known to be robust or stable, and are not supported.

Majordomo has a well constructed modular design which separates the mailing list functionality from the email functionality. It consists of a set of configuration scripts that implement all of the mailing list features, and includes interfaces to standard email utilities which perform all email functions. Therefore, the development of majordomo concentrates on the core mailing list functionality, and leaves developments in email technology to others.

Other features of majordomo include:

  • Support for moderated lists.
  • Options are set through a configuration file, and can be edited remotely.
  • Support for archives and remote message retrieval.
  • Support for digest mode.
  • Support for FTPMAIL functions.
  • Provides subscription confirmation support to guard against forged subscriptions.

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