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The following information might help with use of this site:

  • Navigation. You can browse the pages of the site like a book by flipping the pages backwards and forwards with the Previous and Next buttons, or click the ^ Up button from any page to see the index for that section. You can also access the contents for any chapter with the Contents button. If any of these functions aren't working, it is likely that JavaScript functionality is turned off in your browser settings.
  • Internal links. The links to pages internal to the Living Internet site are identified in italics, and links to external sites are displayed in normal font. This kind of notational device helps with visual presentation of a large body of intra-linked hypertext information on the web, and is recommended to other sites that find it useful.
  • Notation. The page on notation provides information about keyboard commands, placeholders, options, and notational differences between Windows and Macintosh computers.
  • Notable sites. Some links are marked with a * when they are distinguished by being an official home page, widely known as one of the best sources on a subject, or are otherwise interesting or noteworthy.

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