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Add Search Filters With OR

You can use the OR option to include several different options in one search by appending keywords to a normal AND query. Useful when you want to narrow down a broad category into a sub-genre that can be defined by a few representative keywords. A couple of example OR searches are shown below:

  • Sparrows. You may wish to search for information on sparrows, but just the Harris, Le Conte, or Savannah sparrows. In the following example, the OR clause is joined to the rest of the query by an AND clause, so at least one of the sparrow types listed must be included on any page returned.
bird AND sparrow AND (harris OR conte OR savannah)

  • Romantic painting. You may wish to get more information on the romantic painting period, but particularly on the painters Corot, Delacroix, or Géricault. You can narrow down your search to those three with the following query:
"romantic painting" AND (corot OR delacroix OR gericault)

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