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Let's say you've now gotten a character, and you're connected up, and things are starting to get interesting. At this point, you should do what is probably least intuitive: type help, read the instructions and directions, and understand them.

- MUD Frequently Asked Questions.

The Internet help section provides general assistance about the net. This page provides help specifically related to MUD's.

In summary, typing help will usually access a help file, but there is nothing you can do about net lag. More information is provided below:

  • Help command. You can almost always get access to the online help documentation on a MUD by simply typing "help". A list of options will generally be printed, enabling you to obtain further assistance on individual topics.
  • Network lag. Network lag is a term that refers to when the operation of a MUD is noticeably slow and it takes a long time for your messages to have effect. If the rest of the Internet is still reacting quickly, such as web browsing, then it is likely that the computer running the MUD server is overloaded, which isn't unusual on popular MUD's at peak usage times. You can't do anything about net lag except try a different MUD or a different time of the day. More information can be found in the section on Internet connection issues.

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