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Multi-User Dungeons (MUD's)

MUD /muhd/ /n./ [acronym, Multi-User Dungeon; alt. Multi-User Dimension]

A class of virtual reality experiments accessible via the Internet. These are real-time chat forums with structure; they have multiple 'locations' like an adventure game, and may include combat, traps, puzzles, magic, a simple economic system, and the capability for characters to build more structure onto the database that represents the existing world.

- The Jargon File.

Multi-User Dungeons (MUD's) are one of the most unique and entertaining inventions on the Internet. Each MUD is a virtual universe run by a complex server program which manages a local world in response to the words and actions of human and automated visitors. The following sections provide more information.

    • Virtual Space
    • Extensibility
    • Confidentiality
    • Harassment
    • Help Command
    • Network Lag

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