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After MH & nmh, this is the second book published on the Internet, and the first book to be published for the Internet. This site was written from 1996 through 1999, posted on the web on January 7, 2000, and updated regularly. It has more than 700 pages, 2,000 intra-site links, and 2,000 external links to some of the world's best online content about the Internet.

The site was authored by Bill Stewart, who also maintains the FreeOpenSourceSoftware wiki and the best practices document The Fun Standard. Bill has used the Internet since 1988, and first appreciated the power of the medium during the Tiananmen Square rebellion in China in 1989, when he saw how the net kept Chinese communities around the world in touch with the events through email and newsgroups, bypassing all government censorship.

The site is built with the two most standard web languages, HTML and JavaScript, and so should run on any browser, anywhere. The site recommends a notation for distinguishing intra-site from external links with distinctive marking such as italics.

Acknowledgements: This site has benefited greatly thanks to the help of the following Internet people for their comments, corrections, information, and pictures: Len Adleman, Paul Baran, Richard Bartle, Steve Bellovin, Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Braden, Robert Cailliau, Vinton Cerf, Dave Crocker, Stephen Crocker, Martin Hellman, Mark Horton, Lars Huttar, Robert Kahn, Steve Kinzler, Leonard Kleinrock, Ed Krol, Peter Langston, Ted Nelson, Jarkko Oikarinen, Jean Armour Polly, Brian Reid, Dennis Ritchie, Ron Rivest, Lawrence Roberts, Ben Segal, Gene Spafford, Richard Stallman, Ken Thompson, Murray Turoff, Dave Walden, Malcolm Williamson.


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