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Some comments on the site by people who helped create the Internet, many of whom helped provide information to improve it, especially the sections on Internet history:

"Most interesting and ambitious."
- Paul Baran; invented packet switching; comment Sep 10, 2000.

"The site that gets its facts straight from the horse's mouth. Trust me -- I'm one of the horses."
- Richard Bartle; co-developer of the first MUD; comment Nov 3, 2002.

"It looks great: simple, easy, correct! Great resource!"
- Robert Cailliau; helped develop the web; comment Nov 15, 2000.

"I really enjoyed plowing through the livinginternet web site. For the most part it is about as comprehensive as anything I have seen."
- Vinton Cerf; co-designer of TCP/IP; comment Nov 7, 2001.

"Living Internet is a history that is diligent as well as living, and as easy to read as it was to contribute to!"
- Dave Crocker; helped develop early email; comment Nov 23, 2002.

"An elegantly organized tour of the history of the Internet -- both fun and informative -- a rare combination!"
- Steve Crocker; invented the Internet RFC's; comment Apr 8, 2002.

"Excellent coverage of Public Key Cryptography. You give Merkle the credit he is due, but usually doesn't get. And your discussion of GCHQ's work makes several points that also are usually missed. You've clearly done your homework and not just rehashed others' views. Keep up the good work!"
- Martin Hellman; co-discoverer of public key cryptography; comment Nov 10, 2003.

"Interesting and useful site! Excellent!"
- Mark Horton; helped develop the Usenet; comment Dec 3, 2000.

"As the Internet continues its explosive growing into humankind's living global nervous system, your site will be all the more valuable as it clearly records the memories of our Internet origins."
- Steve Kinzler; helped develop the Internet Oracle; comment Nov 14, 2000.

"Congratulations on a successful site. It is very well organized and easy to use."
- Leonard Kleinrock; helped build the ARPANET; comment Jun 10, 2000.

"I really appreciate the trouble you've taken. Thank you so much for doing it correctly !-) "
- Ted Nelson; popularized the concept of hypertext; comment Feb 1, 2000.

"The site looks quite interesting and well done. It is great to see this kind of historical information collected in one place!"
- Jarkko Oikarinen; invented Internet Relay Chat; comment Nov 30, 2002.

"You've done an incredible amount of research and your carefully-tended archive shows the results. Your site is a fascinating tour for newbies and old-timers alike."
- Jean Armour Polly; popularized the phrase "surfing the Internet"; comment Apr 8, 2002.

"Fair coverage of complicated history."
- Dennis Ritchie; invented the C language; comment Nov 1, 2000.

"Nice job and reasonably balanced."
- Lawrence Roberts; ARPANET Program Manager; comment Jan 10, 2000.

"An original, thorough, accurate site that presents the Internet and its history to a world wide public."
- Ben Segal; helped convert EUnet to TCP/IP; comment Apr 16, 2002.

"Sometimes we're all so busy creating future history, we lose track of the past. Having such a well-organized and complete reference is wonderful!"
- Gene Spafford; creator of Usenet backbone; comment Feb 23, 2003.

"I spent about an hour roaming through your site (until my browser crashed) -- I enjoyed it, thank you."
- Ken Thompson; invented the Unix operating system; comment Oct 15, 2000.

"A great reference for people who want to get a concise and valid historical perspective on the evolution of the net as a whole."
- Murray Turoff; created first multi-machine chat system; comment Sep 4, 2000.


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